Sunday, February 15

28millimetres project x

enjoying a relaxing sunday, and came across an article on the french artist jr in the Sunday times....he never reveals his full name because it "would add nothing". in his teens, he "tagged" as a graffiti artist, but only started taking photographs when he found a camera on the Paris Metro as a 17-year old. he is now, in his own words, a hybrid "photograffeur", who pastes enormous black-and-white photographic canvases in various urban environments. one of his latest projects was in Kiberia, in Kenya, where he pasted portraits of locals onto train carraiges and onto roofs of their houses.....

"the more you go to places like Kibera, the more you realise that the people don't understand you. food is their first need. they don't do art just for the love of art. it has to make sense. by making their roofs rainproof, what we did made sense. they loved it" jr

I think these photos are so beautiful, and seeing them in context of the landscape in which they were taken is amazing.....there is such a strong sense of power & purpose in them.....

kenya: women project

work in progress in Rio favela of Providencia

Rio favela of Providencia

on a slightly different note, there was also an article on blogging, listing the first half of 100 best blogs. have to admit that I don't follow (or have even looked at?) any of those listed so far, but i might now be tempted to have a peek at the following......

tmz the ultimate in "snarky" (sarcastic & cheeky) celeb gossip

thelipster the "hobnobs" of hip style blogs - you can't stop munching!

orwelldiaries george orwell's diary entries are reproduced here

chine photos of daily life in china

venicedailyphoto photos of daily life in venice

not many from a list of 50, but more hopeful on next weeks list which covers art, the home, theatre & pop....

enjoy your sunday x

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  1. love the photos. very very cool.

    i'd skip the tmz blog. LAME!! and i just hate the writing style!


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