Tuesday, July 14

driving in my car x

driving home this evening there was the most beautiful rainbow in the sky.....i probably shouldn't admit this, but i have a tendancy to get distracted when driving, particularly long distances, but this was such a wonderful rainbow, so clear and big, i couldn't help but stare at it in the rear view mirror, and felt like a little child, trying to get every last glimpse.....silly eh?

anyway, i've been thinking of changing my car for a while now, but can't quite decide what to have....what I really, really want, but is so impractical especially given the miles i drive each year, is a gorgeous classic car, in which i would be instantly transformed into some kind of glamorous thing who always looks divine....a little like the pics below

(ps. i would really like the tutuesque skirt & that wonderful travelling case as well as the lovely car)

photos by corrie bond

wishing you a truly splendid tuesday


  1. i know what you mean about rainbows, and how excited do you get when it's a double!?
    and for some reason i have to watch them until they fade away... but then i always end up feeling a bit sad!

  2. Love rainbows too.

    The first Corrie picture always puts a smile on my face, really cute!

  3. aw thats sweet trying to glimpse more rainbow! nice post xx


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