Sunday, July 5

the white house x

i'm on the hunt for lots of lovely 1920's bevelled edge mirrors. so far have been outbid on 2 lovely mirrors on ebay, but i'm not giving up yet! i was lucky enough to inherit 2 from my nan's but i have a vision of lots of them hung on the wall together, similar to the lovely display in the gorgeous home below.......

all images from livingetc

i've shown the bathroom from this house before, but look how lovely the rest of this house is....originally a matress factory, this melbourne house was converted by lyn gardner. how envious am i......very x


  1. I´m totally in love with lyn gardeners style!!! just beautiful! have a beautiful monday ;o)

  2. I love it! And the couch is so lovely.

  3. Thank you for your comment, and for following my blog:)
    Yours is beautiful as well!!
    Can´t wait to see more...

    See you:)


  4. i love those beautifully styled homes. white and pale colors always looks so fresh. the 20's is a great era for inspiration too

  5. Sharon, i am on the exact same mission!

    i have managed to find one so far ~ there are a few good charity shops on my street ;)
    i also picked up another two with wood frames that will be paited white one of these days... i really need to get some pics and blog about them...

    and thanks for the e-bay tip, you have a little more competition now... ;)



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