Thursday, July 2

cheek to cheek x

inspire me thursday.....cheeks x

heaven, i'm in heaven,
and my heart beats so that i can hardly speak
and i seem to find the happiness i seek
when we're out together dancing
cheek to cheek

timeless, elegant & classic
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  1. Oh, weren't they wonderful? I could watch their movies for hours on end--he was so elegant and debonair and she was just beautiful and graceful and they were having such fun--oh, so romantic

  2. I love that song and those amazing dance routines that made it look SO easy! Well done!


  3. It's funny but those exact same lyrics popped into my head. I wanted to try and get a reference to them in my poem but I couldn't get it to work. Lovely photo.

  4. aaaw i love love love, this post! xx

  5. oh my era, i loved this...and am humming it now.

  6. all i can think of is John Coffee from (The Green Mile), when he sees this movie and then before he is elecuted he keeps saying "heaven, i'm in heaven, heaven, i'm in heaven" is so good, i cry everytime.


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