Tuesday, July 7

storm in a teacup x

i'm now starting to believe in global warming....the weather in the uk is turning more tropical by the day. after an extreme heat wave last week, this week it's warm and muggy, with the most amazing storms, rain bouncing off car bonnets, thunder & lightning.....almost monsoonish!

wanted to share some beautiful ceramics with you today......

firstly lovely blue & white delftware teaset from
wendy mclachlan

flowers & butterflies trail over all pieces from
karin eriksson

and lastly
rosebuds and cherubs from

hope your week is going well.....i should have been in florence tonight but flights into pisa were cancelled due to airport instead of a lovely fresh bowl of pasta it's a bacon sandwich, pure comfort food xx


  1. oh Sharon! these are beautiful, especially those pieces fron karin eriksson... understated, delicate and so pretty!

    btw, thank you for your lovely comment about the apartment therapy feature, i did get some lovely feedback too... :)


  2. Lovely! The first set is my favourite.
    And I love thunderstorms, and when the electricity goes out so you have to light candles :D


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