Thursday, July 30

banned x

hello.....i'm back in the blogging world, after what feels like forever! i've been in china for the past week at our factory, and blogger is banned there.....yes, you did read that correctly, BANNED! spent several hours googling ways to get around it, but all to no avail.....i still don't really understand the full reason behind it, but it was SO frustrating, and made me realise what an outlet this has become for me, just a way to wind down a little from work, and even if i'm really busy with work, to take half an hour out to share something lovely with you all, is such a lovely thing to do each day....

.....anyway, just to show there's no hard feelings, and to honour what is a beautiful country, even with all it's poverty in a lot of areas, please enjoy this beautiful photo.....

yangshuo, china, photo by tjasa via flickr

back in china tomorrow till sunday, when i fly home, so cheerio till next week xx

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  1. Wow, I've never heard of such a thing!! But what a lovely, lovely photo...=)


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