Wednesday, July 22

sunshine x

photo loveliness by sam lamb

it's a beautiful day here in hong kong, the sun is shining and it's hot.....clouds in the sky threaten rain & thunderstorms, which if they can wait a few hours till dusk will be a treat to watch....
off to sham shui po this morning to see what loveliness we can find.....managed to spend over two hours there yesterday cooing over gorgeous ribbons, laces and buttons

take care for now xx


  1. It's a beautiful day also here in Bologna, Italy. The sun is shining and it's very hot!

  2. hi -

    beautiful pictures!
    ..have a lovely time in hong kong!

    hugs from moa

  3. You're liking the weather here in HK? I find it oppressively hot and humid. And wet. It's barely stopped raining!

  4. P.S. Hope you're having fun!

  5. oh hong kong must be great eh ?!
    its like a piece of heaven hun!


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