Thursday, January 7

neat & tidy x

it has been so so cold today....another day tucked up in the house, although supplies (a.k.a chocolate) are running low, so will be venturing out tomorrow....

have had a fun afternoon making cards....have been thinking for a while now of opening my own etsy shop, inspired by all the fun and creativity so many of you show.....oh and the drawfulls of vintage crockery & linens that i'd forgotten were squirrelled away in the house & found whilst cleaning....any tips & advice greatly appreciated?

will leave you today with this delightfully cute suitcase, used to organise stationary & all sorts...

seen at *we heart it*

i can't seem to find the original source for this....if anybody could help?

wishing you a lovely end to the week


  1. Oh my this suitcase is just amazing! I'm totally in LOVE! If you find the source please let me know. Have a lovely day!
    Sophie x

  2. ohhh, I found one of these suitcases yesterday at the op/thrift store & can't wait to get it loaded & photgraphed. LOVE old suitcases ♥

  3. The suitcase is so lovely! I could do with one to organise all stationary and ribbons :) xx


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