Wednesday, January 20


....i'm going to paris next, so excited, as i havn't been for such a long time (well, ok, havn't been for a year!) just a short 2 day trip, but determined to cram in as much as possible...

i would like to shop at merci, colette & ventilo's, take a trip to laduree for macarons & angelina's for hot chocolate, seek out button & ribbon shops, and there are about a dozen shops from pia's lovely book *paris: made by hand* that i would love to visit.....oh, and cover all the childrenswear shops in paris for work.....

i can't wait

i hope you all have found something to look forward to this week


  1. Oh how exciting! I wish I was coming too! Isn't Pia's book fabulous, I'll just read it and pretend I'm there with you. Have a wonderful trip.
    Sophie x

  2. How exciting - I´m happy for you!!! Paris is definitively on my wishlist! Have a wonderful time!!!!

  3. OOh have a great time! I have Pia's book too and have bookmarked it for my next trip to Paris!

  4. Lucky you :0)
    Paris is so beautiful....
    Have a wonderful time!

    hugs from Moa

  5. Have a great time!! The Patchwork Harmony blog did a great write up of all the flea markets and little shops she found in Paris in Jan - might be worth checking it out xx

  6. Sounds great! I lover Paris, and would love to go there again soon. Have a good time.
    Hugs from MiaNostalgia

  7. Oh, fabulous!
    Paris is wonderful... how lucky you are!
    I would love to return and seek out the tucked away places too!
    Have a great week!

  8. Have the best time. Looking forward to your sharing your experience here with us.

  9. Ahh, yayyy-have fun!
    I used to live there, isn't it heavenly.

    Make sure to eat lots of macaroons! ;-)

    Love ur blog!


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