Wednesday, January 6

snow x

a very belated happy new year to everyone.....i've had a lovely few days away from my laptop, and am now enjoying the deluge of snow that has arrived from the warmth & comfort of home. the supplies are in, the heatings turned up, cup of hot chocolate in hand and plenty to do here....

images from here & here

when there's snow on the ground,
i like to pretend i'm walking on clouds
quote from *animal crossing* by takayuki ikkaku, arisa hosaka & toshihiro kawabata

have a lovely day


  1. happy new year Sharon!
    enjoying the snow from the warmth and comfort of you cosy home is definitely the best way to do it... ;)
    have a cosy day,

  2. I love the quote about snow. I don't love snow though. But maybe thinking about walking on clouds will make it more enjoyable :)
    Have a fun day wrapped up at home!

  3. aw i love that quote about the snow!! im enjoying 'walking on clouds' alot round me, snow is so fun! x

  4. Hi Sharon!

    Oh your blog is absolutely gorgeous..I really like it in here! Lovely photos and lots of inspiration!

    Big hug
    Ps I fed your fish :)

  5. Welcome Back and Happy New Year to you! Lovely photos and the quote...I LOVE IT! It's snowing here where I live...and that quote instantly made me smile!

  6. Such a lovely quote about the snow! And beautiful photos :) xx


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