Saturday, January 16

shopping list saturday......whiter shade of pale x

the snow has gone, washed away in a deluge of rain.....slightly wistful, the garden looks so much sadder without it's blanket of white, but i know i'll be thankful when i'm on my way to work on monday morning.....

a day spent shopping, & tackling granny square completed, although to call it a square might be stretching the truth a little, but will perservere....

hadn't done a shopping list for a while now, but have found so many lovely things on etsy that i wanted to share them...

top...vintage faux fur coat from persephonevintage
next...antique silver sari rose from hapitat

next...old french advertisement cushion cover from marley&lockyer
bottom...moments in white & lets eat by tartlette

the saturday shopping list was started by charlotte at fancy picnic so pop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

hope your weekend will be just lovely


  1. I love your collection of photos... especially the forks! I just love Etsy, so great! Happy weekend!

  2. Oh these are lovely! Looks like we both have white on the brain at the moment. :) So nice to see you doing a shopping list as well, not sure if anyone else is, but I just love making them. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    Sophie x

  3. That coat is gorgeous! I'd move to a country with cold climate if only for a chance to wear that beautiful coat.

  4. oooooh I love all your picks..I so need to treat myself to something! Every once in awhile you need to spoil yourself silly...etsy is the best way to do it! xo

  5. That coat is so beautiful :) I hope you get it! xx

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