Saturday, January 30

je suis malade...xx

not feeling too good....i think i'm missing paris - the only cure to return & live there in a wonderful apartment & spend the weekends browsing the markets and the museums and....

photo friends think it's just a cold

hope to feel better tomorrow & share some stories & photos of paris

happy weekend xx


  1. hope you feel better soon. a bit of homesickness can do that to you.
    hugs & happy weekend to you too ♥

  2. oh poor girl - I hope you will feel better soon!!! have a lot of sleep, a cuddly time on your sofa and drink a nice cup of tea! warm hugs from snowy and cold germany!

  3. Oh-so sorry to hear that you feel down. I can totally relate to the feeling after returning from a holiday or a great time away. Remember there will come moe opportunities to visit wonderful Paris. In the meantime I hope you find some joy in looking at the pictures from your trip, read a good book, a glossy magazine, watch a movie, take a walk or go out with your friends.

    Wish you a good Sunday.

  4. Hope you feel better soon!
    That's the best cure, agreed.

  5. Love this photo... plan your next trip... that always makes me feel good- you can always go back!
    Or if you truly wish- live there!

  6. what a fab pic... sorry you're feeling blue... was just saying to the OH that it's been years since I've been to Paris. I think I should go back soon too!

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