Saturday, August 15

the weekend x

it's the weekend.....
a day doing little, except catching up with family, friends and home

tomorrow i'm going to.....
.....take time to see my mum & dad, catch up on reading favourite blogs, & do a little bit of shopping for my next trip

today i'll leave you with some photographs from *happy loves rosie* of her new lovely, vintage, and oh so cute, holivan.......

visit her here & here
well, yes actually!



  1. This is the cutest little trailer! What does she do in it?

  2. Oh I am in LOVE! I want one, it is just so perfect. That's it I'm on the search, thank you so much for sharing this! Made my day!
    Sophie x

  3. I adore her I must say I am a wee bit jealous myself...I so want a wee space like my dreams...thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the tea, coffee, sugar tins!!

  5. thank you for all your lovely comments....i think, reading Happy's blog, that she is going to use it as an office, but will also hire it out for shoots.....i'm now off to hunt down a little holivan of my own


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