Wednesday, August 5

darling doilies x

feeling quite tired today......would have loved to have taken a little time off work but it's a really busy time at the moment so just biding my time till the weekend....

....starting to work on Autumn 2010 at the moment, and looking at really pretty stories for girls, lots of trims, ribbons and lace......we have the most adorable picture on one of our boards of a girl in a wider lace headband.....roll on Autumn!

....speaking of lace, catching up on internet reading and spotted these lovely ideas at *country living*.....

all images from country living

until tomorrow


  1. Who would ever have thought, the things you can do with doilies, love them.

    Susie from
    I Just Love That Fabric

  2. LACE! I love lace. You have no idea. It's the best thing in the world.

  3. What dreamy images...especially the lovely pile of doilies on the cake stand and the box filled with them.


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