Sunday, August 16

sunday x

a quiet day of cleaning, reading & list making.....

1. buy my mum a birthday present
2. passport photos (yuK!) & passport application form
3. find a gardener to look after my gardens whilst i'm away (not because i'm posh, but more to save my embarassement of the garden turning into a jungle!)
4. buy new books to read whilst away (any recommendations anyone?)

& quite a few other things that i won't bore you with today......

i love seeing what other people do with their sunday's, though judging by the results you get searching *sunday* on flickr, coffee, flowers, lovely food, and friends seem to be a common theme......then there is sfgirlbybay, also known as victoria smith, and her series *sunday in the city* as seen on her flickr stream and her blog

take a look....

*tea house*

*french laundry*


*haute couture*


*picture postcard*

hope you have had a lovely weekend
are now ready for the new week ahead

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  1. The picture duos are enduring:))) Big grin indeed, I am delighted to have read this post:

    Coincidental too, especially that I have chosen to list this very-very stunning blog as one of my newest favorite reads as you have an eye for beauty and a voice for it too!

    Thanks for sharing such wonder:


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