Sunday, August 30

home x

back in hong kong, back to posting.....i did find a sneaky way around the blogger ban in china, so i could see my blog, and post, but not with any of the editing tools, so no pictures, no links to sites, so no fun really!

i have a couple of days back in hong kong before returning to china....but must confess i am missing home a little today....i think this quote sums up my feelings today....

there are no foreign lands
it is the traveler only who is foreign
quote by robert louis stevensen forgive me if today i post some photos of things which remind me of home and friends xx

curling up in my armchair with a great book to read

tea & explanation required!

dressing up to go out with friends

my garden, oh so messy, but i love it
i wonder if the tomato plants have now completely taken over the greenhouse?

are you playing at home or away today


  1. Hello Sharon,
    The quote was great and your blog is really beautiful and inspiring. I discovered (interior)blogging this summer, and it has become a new hobby og mine. There are so many fantastic people (girls) who make so great blogs - and you are one of them! Continue the good work. I follow you - from a distance (Norway) :-)

    Have a great trip. Bring back lots of inspiration and memories.

    PS. My blog is in Norwegian and "under construction", but nice if you would stop by anyway.
    BR. MiaNostalgia (

  2. lovely blog and very inspiring pictures...A bientot

  3. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! It made my day! :-) Since I am a new blogger, and have not told any of my friends about it or have not "published" it anywhere, I am so surprised and happy when someone take their time to post a comment on it.
    I have just found out that blogging is a really great way of "meeting" people from all over the world, and shear thougts and inspiration...

    Have a lovely day abroad!
    London is great by the way :-)
    BR. MiaNostalgia


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