Tuesday, August 18

coffee and cream x

he was my cream, and i was his coffee
and when you poured us together, it was something
quote by josephine baker

slightly bizarre day, mostly spent in various coffee establishments in passport was full with visa's & stamps and needed renewing before i fly at the weekend, so a 4 hour wait for a new one first there was a stop at starbucks (drinks: grande skinny latte extra shot, passion fruit and mango smoothy) (people: 2 women, work colleagues at a guess, who did not stop talking from the moment they sat down till i left, aprox 1 hour!, 1 fairly cute man drinking a mocha, which i never think of as a man's drink? - is that a silly comment?) a quick shopping trip to spend a silly amount of money on cd's (very strange mix of blondie, michael jackson, beyonce & take that - yes my music taste is very very eclectic!!) - and then onto cafe nero (drinks: grande americano with skimmed milk, english breakfast tea) (people: a very strange mix of various nationalities, it was like sitting in a european coffee shop, especially the attire of cropped denim jeans, a little strange, and a highly amusing trio of husband, wife & his mother, in which he seemed to be getting completly hen-pecked by both women?).....nosy, me? yes!
till tomorrow


  1. cupcake bottom right.....hmmm looks dreamy can i eat it please - love your blog xx

  2. I don't really like coffee, but I love coffee flavoured things with tons of sugar in them- like ice capps. And have you ever tried the coffee ice cream from Haegan Das? AMAZING.
    Anyway, I tagged you with an award! Happy Thursday!


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