Tuesday, August 25

awesome x

a huge thank you to katherine at *oh french!* who tagged me with an award a few days ago.....

thank you

so, now i'm to list 10 things about myself and pass on the award to 10 other blogs....

me first....
1. i would love to learn to fly (a plane, not like superman!)
2. in my head i'm a fantastic singer (in reality, probably not so much)
3. i would love to open a florist shop, combined with a bookshop & farmshop style deli
4. i cry at most movies & most books, whether they're sad or not
5. i'm scared of the dark....
6. ....but i love thunderstorms
7. my favourite foods are freshly made ham sandwiches, and greek yogurt with honey (but not at the same time)
8. my favourite book is *to kill a mockingbird*
9. one day, just for a while, i would like to live in paris
10. i would love to be named a *blog of note* one day (hint, hint!)

now 10 lovely, lovely blogs....
*a heart in provence
*a view to
*after hours
*an apple a day
*concrete and honey
*dottie angel
*duften as erteblomster
*make room for living
*moas tid og rom


  1. Dear Sharon

    It makes me really happy that you use the word lovely about my blog because i LOVE yours-
    it is EXTREMELY beautiful and inspiring!!!
    You make others bloom and blossom by showing and sharing such beauty...thank you..

    Thank you for giving me such heartwarming words and for the lovely award :)


  2. You're welcome! ;)That florist/bookstore/deli sounds lovely, and I would love to learn how to fly, too!

  3. position 3 is such a great idea! I am thinking about something like that for years now...unfortunately I have not engough money to make it shure...But who knows...someday...
    Wish you a great day today. geisslein

  4. I thank you very much for your award and your link toward A Heart in Provence, I'm very flattered.
    So I linked your blog here : "My readers"
    Best wishes.

  5. hi -
    thank you so much for the award...
    you made my day, girl :0)
    have a lovely evening!

    hugs from moa -
    who loves your blogg.....

  6. This definetly made my day!! thank you so much for the award.. and I'm in love with those blogs you tagged ! thanks for sharing!


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