Sunday, February 21

end of another weekend....x

how was your weekend? mine was quietish, tidyish, a bit of cooking, a bit of reading, snow that came & went.....

have a little case of bloggers block at the moment.....or rather too many lovely things seen, and too much indecision of what to write? will be going away next week, so hope to have lots of sights and sounds to share....

but for now....
a beautiful quote & simply lovely images
flowers from a boy
the cutest, but slightly scary, fairystory
the sweetest little birds

enjoy the rest of your weekend


  1. Its weird how that comes for time to time.. xx

  2. I hope you are getting to go somewhere wonderful with your upcoming time off:) Thanks for the info... it helped tremendously on my blog.
    Happy travels-
    so many wonderful blogs, such little time! I must admit I feel like I've met some great friends through blogging! It would be great to meet you someday!
    can't wait to see your travel pics!


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