Tuesday, February 16

pancake day....x

due to lack of a hob this year (surviving with microwave only until the kitchen is refurbished) pancakes are off the menu! such a shame as i loved pancake day as a dad made the best pancakes, and managed to make it such an event....

so, to everyone enjoying pancakes this evening.....

happy pancake day

pancakes from hannah[honey&jam]

that's all for now


  1. Awww no! No Pancakes :-( The pancakes in your image there do look Divine! There is always next year though :-D x

  2. I love pancakes! My dad used to make them for me when I was little. He called them panacakes. It was our special time together. He is 80 now, but still asks me if I want him to make me panacakes:)

  3. these pancakes are making my mouth water!


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