Sunday, February 14

alexander mcqueen, take a bow.....x

i did my thesis on the theatrics of catwalk shows, so have always been interested in the spectacular of the shows that happen twice yearly, and i think it was these shows where alexander mcqueen really showed his true creativity.....not simply showing beautiful clothing, but presenting them in the most imaginative ways, far away from the simple runways we'd been used to before. i hate to use the word *genius* as i agree with many that it's too easy to bandy this word around, especially when in the early days of losing great talent, but it's undoutable that his talent transcended merely that of a great fashion designer, and i hope he will be remembered as the truly great artist he was

if you havn't seen the amazing shows he produced, take a few minutes to take a peek at these two...i promise they won't disappoint.....

weird science spring 99

hologram fall 06


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