Sunday, February 7

can you believe....xx much young young talent there is out there? at 13 & 14 i was already interested in fashion & being creative, and i suppose i could use the excuse that the internet wasn't there when i was that age, but even still i'm not sure i would have been impressing the world with my photography or views on fashion as some do today. i think it's wonderful that there's outlets such as blogs & flickr, where the creative talent of teenagers can show itself....but also have to admit how envious i am of them! to be, or at least seem to be, that together at that age, blows me away....

of particular mention....
olivia bee
simply beautiful photography


fashion blogger wunderkind


i'd wish them luck, but somehow don't think they need it

enjoying a quiet sunday night, candles are lit & the roast is cooking

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  1. Other bloggers are what inspire me most to blog myself. It's so great that everyone can share their creative flair while having something unique to them! Love your posts. Very pretty! x


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