Monday, November 2

still here.....not there x

by ianton via flickr

a beautiful foggy picture of china which completly sums up my feelings at the moment......i was hoping very much to be home by now, but work commitments mean i should stay an extra week. feel very torn between wanting to be home amongst family & friends and feeling the need to stay to finish a job properly......i hope you are all very well and forgive me for neglecting you a little longer.....i miss not being able to chat every day & am so looking forward to sharing new finds and thoughts on a more regular footing from next week
crossing all fingers & toes


  1. Hang in there Sharon...we're looking forward to having you back!!!

    :) T

  2. Melancolic but beautiful picture. I hope you get a nice weekend even if you are not home whith your friends and family.


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