Sunday, October 25

sunday again x

still in hong kong....the weather is warm but the sky is dark and looks suspiciously full of rain, though i wouldn't be completely adverse to a great big humdinger of a thunderstorm if we had one....

i'm in a quandry today, whether to venture out and explore or just to sit still and enjoy the peace & quiet? sometimes i feel as if i should be out seeing everything hk has to offer, then i remember i'm not exactly on holiday here, and the normal thing to do after a long week at work is to take time out for me, enjoy the simple pleasures of reading, eating good food, indulging in tv watching and doing very little, and why should it be that different here?

i'm back in china for another week next week, & then hopefully back home in the uk sometime next weekend, where more regular blogging should resume (fingers crossed xx)


  1. Hong Kong sounds amazing. I doubt I will ever get the chance to visit, so I will live vicariously through you. Enjoy yourself and come visit when you get home.


  2. Wonderful picture on an inspiring and beautiful blog.
    I understand that travelling to HK may not be as glamourous as one may think because you are working and not on holiday. I travelled a lot in my last job, and slept in hotelrooms several months a year. Even if it was just in my homecontry Norway, I somethimes missed my friends family, my sofa, and waking up in my own apartment beeing able to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.But I sometimes used to bring my camera with me after work and take pictures of the places I visited, and pretend to be a tourist. Then beeing away on work became more fun. When I look back I am happy that I had the opportunity to experience new places I normally would not give preference to use time and money to visit, and I also think we all learn valuable lessons about ourselves when we spend so much time on our own. I wish you a good stay in China, take care and I look forward to keep on following your fantastic blog.

  3. Love that picture!!!! Hope you will have a great week far away in HongKong!

  4. If anything, the food and shopping's great in Hong Kong. Love the pic btw.


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