Tuesday, October 13

....and they all lived happily ever after x

...actually i'm not sure this trip will have a fairytale ending, but i'm feeling a lot more hopeful than when i stepped on the plane to fly out. i had managed to get myself in an absolute state about how terrible i had been at my job & how everything was a disaster and falling about around my ears.....why is it that when everyone around you, (well, mostly everyone, there was one loud voice of dissention, the one person who has the ability to put the fear of god into me!) is telling you it will all work out fine, and somewhere deep down you know it will be, why is there a persistent little gremlin sitting on your shoulder telling you that you will fail, miserably, horribly?

for now, however, i have hope that everything will be ok......x

image from "we heart it"


ps. this is a scheduled post which i wrote on hoping i am still feeling "alright" today x

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