Sunday, November 29

auntie peggy has departed x

lovely art installation of crochet doilies hung in disused telephone booths at london's aldwych tube station........

doilies are like dreamcatchers
each knot holding a thought
a memory

auntie peggy has departed

found via pia jane bijkerk

my sunday
a morning of shopping for wool for a cable knit throw
lots of new fairy lights
sunday lunch with mum & dad
afternoon of tidying
quiet evening curled up on sofa
surrounded by tea lights
a few sneaky baubles have magically appeared
(i know, i know, it's not even december yet, & i'm not usually like this at all but just feel very xmassy very early this year!)

enjoy the last moments of your weekend


  1. That's so neat. I love this!

  2. Those pictures are really beautiful!

  3. those are so beautiful!!!! i am blown away...


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