Saturday, April 25

shopping list saturday.....sewing thread x

she dropped the basket with the spools of thread
they scattered under the table, under the chairs,
in improbable corners - one that was orange-red
got inside the glass lamp; a mauve one
deep in the mirror; that gold one -
she never had a spool of gold thread - where did it come from?
she was about to kneel,to pick them up one by one, to tidy up
before opening the door. she had no time. they knocked again.
she stood motionless, helpless, her hands dropped to her sides.
when she remembered to open - no one was there.....
motionless swaying by yannis ritsos

still life by shutterclick

common threads chocolate delights by 1000beautifulthings

spools by lifelovepaper

vintage threads by lifelovepaper

thread by snappingtwig

common threads vanilla delight by 1000beautifulthings

family threads by janeheller

sewing mends the soul by shartreuse

hold me sweetheart by feltathome

letter reel by feltathome

secret message by feltathome

sewing mends the soul

the saturday shopping list was started by fancy picnic so hop on over there to take a look at everybody elses lists

hope your saturday is off to a sunny start & hope you've got lovely plans for sunday....x


  1. well, i can see why you went with these images of sewing threads... just so gorgeous... so soft and lovely.
    i just want to swim in your blog... it's wonderful!


  2. I love your shopping list. Just beautiful.

  3. Sharon,

    How wonderful of you to feature me on your blog. I was just reading through & admiring some of your lovely images, when I saw the spools :)

    Thank you. Your blog is lovely


  4. such a lovely lovely collection of spool images! :)

    xo. danni


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