Friday, April 10

fashion friday *vivienne westwood* x

another friday, another fashion icon, the grand dame of them all, please let me introduce you to dame vivienne westwood....

i went to art college after leaving school, and started going down to london to visit all the galleries and shops. i remember going along the king's road, working my way from sloane square up to the world's end shop. i was fascinated by vivienne westwood, had just started reading into her influence on punk, and i loved being able to go into and wander around this little shop gazing at the wonderful clothes on display. it was my first real experience of designer clothing and i was completely hooked......although my love of fashion has now spread to many different designers, looking back through vivienne's collections brings back memories of designing and creating my college collections....

world's end, vivinne westwood's kings road shop

"vivienne westwood did not, as the waiting paparazzi had surely hoped, twirl knickerless yesterday at the victoria & albert museum, as she did 12 years ago after collecting her obe from buckingham palace. in fact, the outfit she wore for her first photocall of the day seemed at first glance rather conservative for one of the country's most celebrated nonconformists. rose pink silk is, after all, a traditional choice for ladies of westwood's age, 62, even if most of them do not have hair the colour of the inside of a jaffa cake to clash with it.

the dress was calf-length, and long-sleeved, and worn with matching tights and high heels. closer inspection, however, revealed a few very westwood touches: mini papier mache chandelier earrings, a brooch in the shape of a wasp perched on her bosom, and - nestled in the jaffa cake hair - two tiny silver devil's horns. and these, she intimated, were just daywear - she was awaiting the arrival of diamond-encrusted horns from de beers which she planned to wear to last night's private view.

even on the day she is officially welcomed into the british cultural establishment, honoured with the largest exhibition the v&a has ever devoted to a british designer, vivienne westwood cannot resist a small satorial rebellion"

excerpt from article in the guardian, by jess more here


vivienne & sarah stockbridge

vivienne & tartan
vivienne & ball gowns

vivienne & nymphs for the new millenium
vivienne & gold label
images from here

as always, wishing you a fashionable friday



  1. I LOVED this post!! i think Viv is a LEGEND! and I really enjoyed the quotes and photos xx

  2. I adore Vivienne Westwood, although some of her clothes are utterly insane when she gets it right they are the most gorgeous clothes ever. Oh to be able to afford them!


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