Sunday, April 19

i want to be grace kelly x

today, in 1956, prince rainier of monaco married grace kelly.....

beautiful gown, graceful lady, true love


  1. The photos are breathtaking. She was so pretty. Thank you for posting this.

  2. I would also like to be Grace Kelly...all of the photos of her are perfectly lovely.

  3. Such lovely eye candy. She was one beautiful lady.

  4. My oldest friend's mother once told me I looked like Grace Kelly when I tried on a fabulous red ball gown. I was 16 and didn't know who Grace Kelly was. Since finding out it's become a compliment that I have treasured ever since! Even if it was the dress that did it!

  5. thank you for all your lovely comments on this post - i pondered whether to post it or not, but am now really glad i did......i believe in living in the present, but sometimes,looking at photo's like this, or stars like audrey hepburn, don't you wish a little bit of that class & glamour lingered on in this new millenium? take care xx

  6. i've just come across your blog, and i think it's beautiful!


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