Friday, April 17

fashion friday *burberry* x

this weeks fashion friday re-introduces an iconic british brand that has been moved into the new millenium by a young, let me introduce christopher bailey, designer at burberry....

burberry was synonomous with it's trademark check, which lined it's trenchcoats from the 1920's, before reaching the height of it's popularity in the 1950's & 1960's, recieving royal warrants from the queen, and dressing audrey hepburn in "breakfast at tiffany's"....however it wasn't a cool label, until christopher bailey moved from gucci in 2001, kate moss became muse and burberry became a serious fashion brand


burberry prorsum spring 09 ready to wear collection

"i had in mind these little gardening girls and i wanted to give them every kind of outerwear - from their rain hats to their silk dresses...."
inspired by his own "....somewhat wild garden...."
christopher bailey wanted the collection to be "....soft, very romantic, something familiar but something new and reflecting the company heritage...."

burberry prorsum autumn 09 ready to wear collection

this season, as well as taking another clever turn in the archives of the house he so obviously loves, bailey took "modern nostalgia - great british icons" as his theme
elizabeth, countess of devon, was immortalised in finely pleated silk chiffon for lighter than air dresses
the arty intellectuals of the bloomsbury group of the twenties and thirties were admired through the use of a muted palette of browns, greys and neutrals, along with the soft, layered silhouettes, and dropped waisted skirts

i adore these last two collections, the colours, silhouettes, the so so cute socks & sandals in spring, the gorgeous printed satin dresses in autumn, they manage to be both unashamedly girly and nostalgic but completly up to date......beautiful xx


  1. This is such a great article, thanks. And while I've been off getting married, I have to say, I've missed your blog! but i'm back now, he he! :)

  2. I loooved this most recent collection! So dreamy.


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