Monday, January 9

good morning x

breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day, think of the choice it affords you; sweet or savoury, fresh yogurts & fruit in the summer, comforting cooked breakfasts in the winter, eggs in so many different guises....what's not to like?

i love the quiet of early mornings, the chance to potter around the house & being able to take time over a lovely breakfast, catching up on the latest pinnings & the latest posts from favourite blogs. for the past few years my mornings have been a race to leave the house as early as possible to miss the morning traffic & to spend those first few quiet hours in work catching up on emails. for the past few weeks i've not been working, the longest i've not worked for over fifteen years, & although the circumstances of not being in a job are hard, the silver lining has been the chance to rediscover the luxury of time spent at home in the morning.....

for now

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  1. Morning :)

    i loved reading today's post since i am a huge breakfast's my favorite meal of the day :)
    may your morning bliss last...


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