Tuesday, January 10

bake me a cake x

have just finished watching the great sport relief bake off, a celeb spin off of the great british bake off, which i managed to miss the first time around, and now want to start baking meringues & scones. as it's a little late here to start baking i'm resisting the urge by looking through recipes to tackle...after a lot of baking lots of simpler things over the last couple of weeks, i'm planning to give myself a challenge & inspired by the trailer for next weeks show, want to try this amazing multi layer chocolate cake....

how yummy does this look?
6 layers of rich chocolate malted & toasted marshmallow cake

this is my challenge for the weekend

for now


  1. yuuuummmmyyyyyyyy....i am drinking my coffee now and wish i had a piece of that cake!!!!!
    maybe you can mail me one?

  2. it looks amazing doesn't it ...... it's been a busy, full on week this week, so this is going to be my weekend treat

    not sure it would post that well, but I could try?

    wishing you a lovely day, despite the lack of cake!



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