Saturday, July 10


childhood summers were full of picnics....salmon sandwiches, salads of lettuce, cucumber & tomato, a camping kettle to brew tea, slices of homemade fruit cake & an apple, all packed into our picnic basket, which was more like a picnic suitcase....every sunny day would be a picnic day....

{1960's picnic via lotus feet via we heart it}

today was a perfect day for a picnic...

a trip to the farm shop to buy freshly baked bread, cheeses & hams, cherries & strawberries, a bottle of wine in the cooler bag, followed by an afternoon spent in the sun in the hills.....

with the promise of more sunny days i'm off to look for that perfect vintage picnic basket
{this one is winning at the moment.....vintage, cute, & with wine holders!}


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  1. Oh if only we could have those clothes to wear now!! I deffinately should have been born in that era!! Although my Son always says I was haha!!

    I am having a Give Away on my Blog if you fancy popping over to have a look:)
    Michelle x


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