Tuesday, July 13


the british weather has turned cold & rainy, which in a way is a blessing as i'm immersing myself in the fall collections for work & drooling over gorgeous cable knit tights & chunky legwarmers, shearlings & cosy fur coats, which is so much easier to do when it's not 30 outside.....what i love most about the new collections is the new silhouette which is so ladylike & reminiscent of old time hollywood glamour....

....especially lovely is the louis vuitton collection by marc jacobs.....

....the shoes ~ divine heels....
....the dresses ~ so 1950's socialite....
....the bags ~ how could you choose just one....



  1. I God!!! I love all of them!!

    Very Audrey Hepburn!!

    Please tell me THE WAIST is coming back!

    I am fed up of having to wear "Builders Bum" trousers!!:)

    Just wish I was young enough still to wear all those lovely dresses, hey ho, I had my time. I will admire from a distance:)
    Michelle x


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