Friday, July 16

it's friday.....x

it's friday & i have a lovely day off car, after many, many, many miles is starting to fall apart, so after months of hesitating & procastination i'm spending the afternoon looking at cars. i have a tendancy to be quite silly around new cars, and despite all good intentions of taking my time, considering all the options, get easily seduced by the smell of new cars and end up signing on the dotted line.....we will see....

would love a really pretty vintage car, but the many miles i drive each week dictate something a little more sensible....but how cute is this, a pink car named bettie page.....x

{bettie page via audrey hepburn complex via weheartit}

have a lovely day


  1. That is a really cute car :)

    Good luck finding the perfect, albeit sensible, one!

  2. what type of car is this??


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