Friday, February 6

my LA story.......part 2 x

anthropologie was just so beautiful.....the LA store at the Grove shopping mall is a lot bigger than the stores I've been to in New York, and it's the kind of shop I can wander around for hours (and yes, I think we did!)

the windows were beautiful with flying papier machie birds and lovely garden benches, pots and things that made me wish Spring were a little bit nearer so I can start planting pots & making my garden look much more presentable than it does.....

I could easily have bought twice as much as I did, but here's a few things I just couldn't resist.....

so pretty......vintage style espresso cups...x

pretty & glittery.....lovely guest soaps...x

a really lovely mercurised tealight lamp...x

also bought some lovely books, notebooks and a gorgeous door handle which is going to look great on my living room door.

must now go and light my beautiful lamp......x


  1. Those expresso cups are divine.

  2. i sure love the pink cups. i think i am jealous.


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