Saturday, February 28

just a minute x

just a minute, invented by jeneaveve at august here if you want to play too x

making.....a mess in my hotel room in hong kong, should be packing to go home
drinking.....a very large glass of white wine (which i hate, but seems to fill every channel of the tv in the hotel)
reading.....the scandal of the season, murder, mystery & intrigue in 17th century london my ipod, oasis has just started
wishing.....for a magic fairy who would come & do my packing for me
missing.....home, friends and family xx


  1. Hello, Stopping by from SITS I saw you on roll call. I like your site. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday. Oh wine is so yummy and who likes to pack?

  2. Stopping by from SITS! You have some beautiful photos here, and I'll check out Peonies and Polaroids!

    Why does every tv in a hotel want to promote sports? I don't get it.

  3. I did the Just a minute on my blog.

  4. How fun!
    Just stopping by via SITS to say hello!

  5. Hello, I am here from SITS!! Welcome to this wonderful community!! I know you'll be glad you joined!!

  6. Hi Sharon,

    I'm visiting from SITS--I saw your cherry blossom post--I love cherry blossoms! They were actually the theme for our wedding :)

    Welcom to SITS!


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