Thursday, April 12

the little paris kitchen x

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i have discovered a wonderful new cooking star that i had to share with you all....rachel khoo & her little paris kitchen, which really is a very very little paris kitchen ~ i always thought i was slightly hard done by in the kitchen stakes & very proud of what i managed to achieve in my not so many square foot, but hats off to rachel, who for a while was serving up meals for paying customers in her teeny tiny paris flat & now hosts her own show & manages to whip up her food, wonderful twists on french classics that leave you drooling & rushing to the kitchen to start cooking....

....the book that accompanies the series looks wonderful....pages & pages of gorgeous photography & images of paris, markets & food ~ what more can you ask for?  you can see a sneak preview *here* & watch snippets of her *here* & *here*....the croque madame muffins from the last clip are on my *to make* list for brunch this weekend

for now


  1. i think i am a fan too :)
    her website is so cute...i luv it!
    thank you for introducing the little kitchen :)
    have a great weekend :)

  2. shame it is an absolute liar!
    Rules to uk restaurants are even more strict in France so, no way she runs a restaurant from a place with no work surfaces , bad tiling and dodgy pots and pans !! and the way she pretends to present French receipts made French people scream in front of the program when I show it !!

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