Saturday, September 25

places in portland {ace hotel} x

a lovely sunny saturday today, which will hopefully last the rest of september....this time last week i was enjoying breakfast in the diner just next door to the *ace hotel*, where we stayed. the ace is such a cool hotel, with an old fashioned vintage atmosphere, and doors which actually lock with a key, such a complete novelty in this age of key cards that i managed to leave my room completely unlocked for the first day!

on the mezzanine floor of the ace is a small seating area with a beautiful cabinet full of drawers, & when curiosity got the better of us and we took a peek found them full of notes & letters from people that have visited the hotel; funny, sad, poignant, hopeful, silly, rude but completely fascinating......

{all photos from little winter market blog}

wishing you a lovely weekend whatever you choose to do

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  1. I loved the idea of the notes and the bedroom look really quite cool...Em x


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