Sunday, June 6

will soon be monday....again.....x

today i've realised i am a complete creature of habit even when in another country.....a sunday spent shopping, eating & sorting out washing & last minute work things seems to mirror my sunday's at you think these habits give us some kind of security or do you think it might be more a case of my "ocd" ish tendancies rising to the fore?

whatever the reason i do feel rested & {kind of} prepared for the week ahead....which includes posts for each day next lucky, lucky bunch! am sharing favourites from *weheartit* and favourites i've had randomly saved for a while....

for today's choice i'm feeling in the pink....i love the light in all these photos, so white, pale & pretty....

top {yvetteinufio via flickr} next {jannepeters} next {wet behind the ears via weheartit}
last {yvetteinufio via etsy}

*pink roses are for love hopeful and expectant*

in advance i'm wishing you all a lovely, peaceful week

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