Tuesday, June 15

vintage laura....x

have been talking at work about brands which have managed to re-launch & revive themselves, which led to a discussion about laura ashley....googling vintage laura ashley threw up some fascinating results, and some surprisingly on trend true that what goes around comes around...and around...and around....

top left {via glamour&glitter} top right {1970's laura ashley dress via steptoes dog}
middle left {vintage pink dress via flickr} middle right {via nibs}
bottom {sailor dress via mariesvintage}

would love to have the chance to look at the archives at laura ashley, imagine what you could unearth & how lovely their collection could be?



  1. I used to work for Laura Ashley in their head office and the archives are fascinating! My boyfriend still works there and the discount always comes in handy!

  2. hello,

    few words ,from a french girl who barely speaks english,to say that you're blog is so beautiful!love the pics and the poetry of the words!!!bravo!!you're gone see me more often around!


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