Sunday, April 18

mad world....x

a colleague of mine flew back from hong kong on thursday, was diverted to frankfurt, & is still there, we think, all courtesy of the volcanoe eruption in iceland.....i jokingly said early on friday morning that it was probably all *a fuss about nothing*..... how wrong could i be! i've {very very luckily} never been in the situation of being properly stranded & unable to get home, but can imagine how impossibly frustrating it must be, especially when the situation seems to be worsening, not improving.....

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causing complete chaos i know, but something quite peaceful & beautiful about these images

keeping all fingers crossed that planes are able to {safely} take off very soon, and everyone makes it home safe & sound



  1. This is sweet of you from the perspective of someone who is not stuck in the situation. Nice of you to look at the images as peaceful, forgetting about the chaotic knock on affect. I am stuck in Delhi and start a school placement tomorrow.. well was supposed to! Looks like it will take some time. Everyone just has to help out each other in this situation. Thank you for making a chaotic situation feel more calming for a few minutes re this blog post!

  2. Hi Sharon

    Yes it must be so fustrating for families or friends who have not been able to visit eachother because of the volcano erruption. Many have missed out of having a holiday altogether, how disappointing for them. As you say those images do look peaceful.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. many of my colleagues, mainly management, are stuck everywhere trying to get back home.
    i leave very near to Malpensa airport (Milan) and, no offence to anyone, but is quite nice not to hear plane's noise.
    and there is also less pollution.
    anyway, I really hope this situation will get sorted soon



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