Thursday, April 29

looking forward.....x

to a lovely long weekend, and hoping the sun will shine a little.....

.....i can't remember where i found the link to this site, but it makes me wish i lived a little nearer to sydney or melbourne so i could take a visit to *lee mathews* has the feel of an australian *anthropologie*.....would love to hear from anyone who had been, to see if it lives up to it's promise....

on-line shop is coming soon

please please
hurry up
even if all i'll be able to do is *window*shop

only one more day till the weekend


  1. Have the best weekend and I love these shots sweetie. Keep up the good work for sure. Stop by for a little slice of San Francisco...

  2. have a great weekend!!! and those images are amazing!

  3. I guess you found it on my blog ;-)
    Great blog you have!


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