Wednesday, September 2

simple pleasures x

a little word from china....
when i am here i realise how much i take for granted, something simple as choosing whatever you want to eat for lunch, a simple cheese & cucumber sandwich, not the most exotic or exciting lunch in the world, but being somewhere where all the bread is sweet tasting, cheese is hard to find, and requests for cucumbers have been met with a blank look, my sandwhich today, is a little peice of luxury.....xx


  1. Hello again,
    I remember the same thing from when I visited China some years ago... I was SO fed up with nudels after two weeks, and were really happy to come home and have a good sandwich for lunch!
    But try to enjoy your stay - with or without sandwich! :-) Think of all you get to see and experience...

    Lovely Yellow pictures, by the way!Did you take them?

  2. hello....thank you for your message
    my trip is a working trip, so although it is an experience, all i'm getting to see is the inside of a factory, and the inside of a hotel room
    i wish i had taken these lovely photos, but no, they are all from other people on flickr
    take care xx


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