Tuesday, September 29

the moon x

driving home tonight, the moon seemed so large and mysterious and so noticeable.....isn't it strange that you can go for months and never notice looking up and seeing the moon and the stars, yet they are always there.......

image from*weheartit*

i like to think the moon is there even if i'm not looking at it
quote by albert einstein

i can't believe it's nearly October
i can't believe that someone on the radio mentioned it was 88 days until xmas!

hope your week is off to a marvelous start


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL picture! I love the moon...especially the full moon! Hope you will have a great week with nice things happen!

  2. Nice pict!!!, I know what you mean, the moon is really misterious and alluring for me to...

  3. Beautiful. I love the Moon too. x


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