Tuesday, March 3

rainy days x

i've been feeling very "mondayish" today.....maybe something to do with taking yesterday off work. do monday morning blues only affect those of us who work, i wonder? the mood today wasn't helped by the atrocious weather........rain, rain, rain. but not lovely spring showers, just complete deluges....ugh!
these photos from flickr make me think more fondly of the rain......x

1. Untitled, by i.anton 2. april showers, by leenah 3. On a rainy day, by yvette inufio 4. forecast, by *cinnamon

....and how could this fail to bring a smile to your face....x

singing in the rain......gene kelly x

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  1. singing in the rain is just fab. so glad i finally watched it a few years ago!


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