Monday, March 9

cryptohematology......secrets in my bloodline x

whilst in la i saw an exhibition of steven kenny's was shown in a small gallery, the glass garage in west hollywood. his work is amazing, so dark & thoughtful, mixing realism, surrealism & symbolism, he questions our detachment & rejection of the natural world in favour for a world of predictability & order
visit the artist's website here....x

figure praying (2005), the birdcage (2007), the semaphore (2007), the departure (2006)
the lantern (2006), the pinnacle (2008), the woodsmans wife (2008), fledge (2005)


  1. I love this artist! esp the birdcage one, thanks for introducing him!

    By the way, I tagged you in an award today :


  2. wow look at those pictures... huh?! Popping in via pretty little world.

    Had a look around - thanks.



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