Saturday, March 3

saturday x

{all photos by me}

my saturday
listening to the radio, thinking about spring flowers, eating chocolate cake

& sharing things you might have missed from other lovely places
~ sparkly shoes & positive monday thoughts ~
~ a beautifully light loft home ~
~ wonderful illustrations by danielle kroll ~
~ the yummiest looking egg & bacon sandwich ~
which you could then follow with
~ chocolate cherry butterscotch trifle ~
~ the beautiful ballet inspired fall collection from dior ~

have a wonderful weekend

for now


  1. i have always had a thing for the radio...i can't imagine my weekends without it!!!
    your Saturday is dreamy....dreaming away...
    and all those links are great...i subscribed to couple of them :)

  2. You photos are always so pretty...perfect way to start my day...thank you.


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