Sunday, May 30

thunderstorms ahead.....x

just arrived in hong kong for another 3 and a bit weeks of tooing and froing between here & china....have left behind a rainy & chilly england and arrived to find a rainy but balmy hong kong. the forecast is for thunderstorms all week, which i don't mind as i love a really good thunderstorm...will i still be saying that in the middle of the week when i'm alone & rattling around a big chinese house on my own.......?

top {forecast by *cinnamon via flickr}, middle {rain via 500px}, bottom {rainytea via daydreams-tea}

this trip i want to get out and explore more on the sunday's i have free...inspired by {or shamed by} *the cherry blossom girl* wonderful photos of hongkong, and the places she found, like the goldfish market & the hong kong history museum had made me want to explore....

by the way....any tips for air a non-airconditioning needing brit i can never seem to get the temp quite right - either too hot or too cold......

enjoy the rest of the weekend

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  1. Ha! after years of working in the Far East my only experience is that they have all the offices like fridges, so being outside in the steamey heat is my preference...tip take cardys with you no matter how hot it gets!!!
    Hugs Lynn xxx


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