Wednesday, January 13

a cluster of lovliness x

it feels like it will never stop snowing....i think we are in a permanent state of snowiness....white, deep, and lovely....(unless you actually need to step foot outside)....

i had a lovely surprise in my *cluster* has been chosen to go on *lovely clusters*....

sewing box
all details here

lovely clusters is a website showcasing handmade & vintage pieces from artists & designers around the world and links to their shop will find a lot of etsy sellers here, it's another great way of finding lovely things amongst the hundreds and hundreds of things sold there....

a couple of my favourite new finds are *tina crespo* whose photography is so beautiful, and *hula gypsy* who make purses decorated with gorgeous vintage brooches... thank you to rachel for choosing my choices....

have a lovely day


  1. Oh , congratulations!
    Thanks for your comment yesterday. Yes, quite addicting... but so neat to share with other artistic souls... even if we are thousands of miles apart- your blog is gorgeous- and yes, I have many others I love- have yet to add them to my links. Hope your week is well!


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